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%NAME% Discover PDEs :: Home

A unique URL for each target audience member.


Messaging as personalized and rich as your data, content, and creativity.


The cloud utility that makes personalization practical.



%NAME%, PDEs break the confines of the web.


Of course, we hope you’ll read more about PDEs.


But we really want you to experience PDEs.


So if you do nothing else today


Click here


and see the magic of PDEs.




Pentagon PDE Project





 DoD needs 20 Million unique personalized URLs for annual recruitment.




Affordable and fast.


A personalized site for every candidate


personalized site for every Facebook ad click-through


personalized site for every variable data email & postcard


1-to-1 People Marketing Mass Market Scale

  • PDEs repurpose both your analytics and your content.
  • Anyone can create PDEs. Simple. Code free. Fast.
  • Unique architecture reduces script load time. A lot.
  • Every PDE element is a variable element.
  • PDEs share content and web resources.
  • PDEs never go stale
             Update all your PDEs, instantly. All of them, all at once. User’s view changes in real time
  • PDEs are so compact, they’re practically free.
             A single $30/month cloud droplet can reasonably support up to one million PDEs

Everything you’re seeing this site, the content-rich Navy PDEs even the generators to deploy them

  literally everything was created without a lick of code.





%NAME%, try it out 



Build 1000 custom 4 seconds.



%NAME%, just click the button!


Build Now



Note: You don’t have to register, or enter an email address, or anything else to do this. Just click and go.

  • Click and generate 1000 personalized sites
  • Click and customize 4000 pages
  • Click and apply 89000 customizations
  • Click and see how PDEs change the web forever


Really don’t leave without trying it out for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did!


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